Get Out, Be Safe, Go Adventure

Yes I know that’s what comes at the end.  But this weekend made me realize perhaps that’s where I should start this time.

“Get Out”

Anybody recognize this "jumpin' off" point?
Anybody recognize this “jumpin’ off” point?

If you guessed the permit station for the Red River Gorge you’re right.  When given the chance to go somewhere for the weekend this is a good place to “Get Out”.  Stop here buy your permit for 1-day or 3-day use (only a few bucks) the funds go to help with the continuing care and development of the Gorge.  Yes, there is a fee.  Because this beautiful forest has more than 40,000 visitors a year walking through it’s beauty.  With that much traffic we have to be good stewards of what’s been created for our pleasure.

Help protect by doing the right things.
Help protect by doing the right things.

Because we are such a mobile people moving freely from one place to another we can bring about change very quickly with little or no effort.  The ecosystems around the world have reached a state of balance through time.  As visitors to these we can inadvertently upset that balance and lead to the setback or even destruction of a system.  Whether it’s forest, desert, seashores, or swamps, nature has balanced and nurtured those things within.  We must maintain a watch over what we bring when we visit.  Some forest areas right now have lost millions of ash trees to an invasive insect, the Emerald Ash Borer.  The beetle larvae can reside in the firewood brought from another location.  Another example is the “white nose syndrome” that is killing bats in some of the caves around the country.  The impact of this invasive is as much as a 80% reduction of bats in some areas.  That’s why there are “shoe wash stations” at most all of the public caves now.  Just like the “brush station” above, the simple act of removing invasive species from our shoes helps to protect the forest.  So, learn what you can do to protect the area you “GetOut” into and yourself.


This sign if for real, 1-3 people a year die from falls in this area.
This sign if for real, 1-3 people a year die from falls in this area.
A somber reminder placed by his loved ones.
A somber reminder placed by his loved ones.

This is one of several world-class rock climbing locations.  Because there are many verticals and even negative angle cliffs to enjoy.  However, not paying attention or acting irresponsibly can lead to one becoming a statistic of the Gorge.  There are 1-3 people a year that die from falls in the Gorge.   Stay on the main trails, explore camping areas off trail carefully, don’t get drunk in the Gorge, get high on the beauty not drugs, and if you get up in the night don’t wander without a good light.

Yep, Yogi lives here!
Yep, Yogi lives here!

While falls are by far the large cause of fatalities, encounters with wild life can lead to problems.   Stings and bites are the highest number of injuries from encounters with the wildlife.  But let’s face it,  even though an allergic reaction to a sting or bite can be fatal, nothing grabs the news more than a good old-fashion bear.  While these guys can be interesting to see and watch just remember you’re standing in “their yard”.  Here’s an account of one such encounter…   Victim describes bear attack; Red River Gorge is closed

Facebook account with pictures of this encounter.

Picture from Facebook account of bear encounter.
Picture from Facebook account of bear encounter.   (Jeanne Filler Scott)

“Go Adventure”

Having educated ourselves on how to protect ourselves and nature let’s “Go Adventure”….

But that will be the next post.  😉

I didn’t want to set the wrong tone for the story of our trip to Gray’s Arch.  AND, I’ve got to get a few things together to continue work on the “Vome” in the morning.  If you haven’t been following the build out of the new “Vehicle hOME” then click on the drill down arrow in the menu bar at the top.

So for now, yes you guessed it…

“Get Out, Be Safe, Go Adventure”

2 thoughts on “Get Out, Be Safe, Go Adventure”

  1. Good advice for being safe out there and taking care of our beautiful resources. Love your coined word — Vome. Think I am gonna steal it. 😉


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