This must be the place…


Just as the sign said, “This must be the place”.

Brenda and I found this unique place while taking a day trip during the GTG in Ala.   This place definitely caught our interest as we drove by… DSC_1654

Wooden mules driving the Tin Man…


A whole army of Tin Men…  Including a “Lineman for the county”

DSC_1662 DSC_1661

What about a monkey wrench with a  “Baby Monkey Wrench”?  He built this in response to a conversation with Larry the Cable Guy.  Speaking of ‘critters…DSC_1657DSC_1658

There were green alligators and pink flamingos.  And they were all hanging out around the windmill.DSC_1647

Now before you accuse me of picking the wrong mushrooms from the forest, let me explain.  Brown’s Folk Art is a real place and he actually sells some of his pieces.  He also has treehouse cabins to rent up on the mountain behind his “open air museum”.  You can visit his Facebook page here at Brown’s FolkArt to see some pictures and learn more about this unique place, or give him a call at 256.437.1114.

That about wraps up one stop on our “day trip”.  Next time we’ll take a look at some abandoned quarry/mine pictures and a historic railroad stop.

So until then…

Be Safe, Get Out, and Go Adventure

Gypsy Jane sings us original songs

While at the Southeast GTG  (that’s ‘Get ToGether” for those who don’t know)  Gypsy Jane aka: Jane Cassidy, joined us and shared some of her music.  Now her’s is not just any music, it’s original and full of life’s stories.  Some of these stories are comical and bring a chuckle and some are full of wisdom from a life well lived and cause you to reflect.  All of them are purely Jane.

I’m not going to write a lot here, instead I’ll provide some audio and some links to the video of our time around the campfire with Jane.  So slap on some headphones or plug in your earbuds and join us for the live concert under Cuzzin’ Dyck’s tarp’s fluttering in the breeze blowing through Racoon Creek…

Movin’ On made perfect sense to the bunch of vandwellers gathered around this fire. Native American Heart expresses feelings that I can’t put to words. Thanks, Jane. Tongue -in-cheek she proclaims a truth for all to hear in Walmart. 

Now as you heard Jane does have cd’s available for perchase and her songs can be downloaded from Amazon.  So help support her as she travels and continues to write.
Buffalo womanVISIT: Gypsy Jane/Buffalo Woman  and Recovery Songs

As promised here are some links to You tube videos of this epic event.   😉

Walmart song

Aren’t ya lonely song


And as we get ready to head out to the Mountain Mushroom Festival I encourage all of you to…

Get Out, Be Safe, and Go Adventure!


Living in a really small space

The ultimate fuel-efficient traveling home.

Would you think it possible to live in a space as small as this?

This week I met someone who is not only living but having a great time doing it. Below is a video where he explained the features and reasoning  of the engineering he put into this wonderful ride. The Prius is an interesting vehicle in it’s own rights.  Follow this link to go to the Toyota site.

This is a very clean installation on the drivers side that gives Brent accurate monitoring of what’s going on with his house battery.

But the ideas and engineering that Brent has put in is pretty sharp.  Like the house battery installed behind this panel that also holds a voltage display, 12 volt power outlet and USB charging port.  He runs an inverter and charger off of the vehicle’s main battery which the Prius is monitors and starts the engine to recharge automatically.  In fact he can set the thermostat in the Prius to start and maintain the temperature where he is sleeping.

What a great idea, a table with no legs! And at not even 2″ thick it slides into a very small storage space.

Brent’s engineering background was evident in excellent utilization of nearly every inch of space.  He designed this table to use the door’s tension to hold it in place against the little white wedge block.  AND,  it works on either side of the car.  He explained this is something that anybody can design for their vehicle using cardboard templates to trace the shape of the door and the fender well.

Another really neat feature was his water supply. How about built-in under the storage compartment he designed behind the passenger front seat.
Another really neat feature was his water supply. How about built-in under the storage compartment he designed behind the passenger front seat.

His use of space was not only designed in square inches, he considered cubic inches.  Here’s an example, under his bed is a well laid out storage area divided into compartments and beneath that is his water storage.  So his design has used every cubic inch behind the front passenger seat to the fullest.  Very impressive!

I had a great time interviewing Brent and learning how to make a very small space work as an efficient roving home.  Below is a link to the video posted on YouTube where he goes into detail all of the features.

Until next…

Get out, Be safe and Go adventure.


Cool idea for hammock lovers

Today during the GTG (that’s Get ToGether) at Raccoon Creek Wildlife Mgmt Area in northeast Alabama I got the chance to examine Gypsy Jane’s portable hammock stand. Now having seen it, and lusted after it  on the internet, it was real exciting to see it put up.

Jane had the tripods set and the spreader bar up before I even realized what she was doing.
Jane had the tripods set and the spreader bar up before I even realized what she was doing.

She made this setup herself out of a couple of different sizes of  EMT conduit. The pieces simply slip together to form the stand from a package small enough to be carried in her van.

A closeup of how the tripod is made.
A closeup of how the tripod is made.

The tripods are made from 1″ conduit with “eyebolts” in each leg, tied together with a shackle.  The shackle also supports the spreader pole and the hammock.

Tying the hammock onto the spreader bar.
Tying the hammock onto the spreader bar.

As you can see Jane is tying hammock to the spreader bar.  The spreader bar is used to keep the hammock stretched out.  She told me it’s best to make it out of two pieces each of 1″ and 3/4″ conduit.  The reason for this is the bar needs to be about 15′ long and conduit is sold in 10′ lengths. she slides the 3/4″ piece inside the 1″ piece, being sure to offset the joints for strength.

Living life large!
Living life large!

As you can see here she’s living large set up in an open field with no trees.

the rain fly makes it a perfect place to sleep.
the rain fly makes it a perfect place to sleep.

Since her hammock has an insect net zippered onto it, all she needed was a rain fly for a complete shelter.

I’ll do some more catching up in the next day or two,  laptop battery is going down and I’ll have to charge it tomorrow.  We had rain here today so it was overcast and the solar wasn’t kicking in so well.

Until next time…

Get out, Be safe, and Go adventure.