Spring Trade Day on May 28, 1782

Ok, maybe this was really just yesterday but it sure felt like 200 or more years ago.   We stopped in at Fort Boonesboro Kentucky to see the period actors and learn a few things.  I’l be posting some videos with music, history, and hopefully telling a story you’ll want to hear.  Those of you more than 400 followers know that I try and make fairly short posts here just so you can pop in to see what we’re doing. SO, to do that there are going to be several posts.   Along with the videos I’ll be adding podcast audio to “Road Noise” on this blog.  So stay tuned and check it out.

Jonathan shows us his two hundred year old lute.
Jonathan shows us his two hundred year old lute.

Today we were entertained by Jonathan Hagee who is known as a Colonial Balladeer.  He’s a “roving musician” who performs at fairs, festivals, schools, and historic sites sharing and talking about life in early America from the 1750-1820 time period.

Here’s a familiar tune with a hidden meaning…

Click this link…   Jonathan Hagee — “John Barley Corn”

To hear the entire video including a beautiful acapella and the description of his 200 year old lute visit: Road Noise on this blog.

To hear more from Jonathan go to his web site at:  Reverbnation.com/JonathanHagee     or Facebook: Facebook.com/ColonialBalladeer

I’ll be sitting still a little more and catching up.

Get Out, Be Safe, and Go Adventure.

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