George Rogers Clark

Another living history lesson…

We step back in time once again with one of the period actors here at Fort Boonesboro.  This time to hear the story of   surrender at the hands of a few, very few, brave Kentuckians….

Yes, it’s true I’m still playing catch up.  It seems that there’s just not enough time between planning, adventuring, and work to share with ya’ll all the cool stuff we find to get into.  Since this video we have been gathering geodes, gold panning, camping in the forest with a friend, hiking at Natural Bridge, visiting a campsite on the Elkhorn Creek, touring Lost Sea Cavern, and that’s all I can remember without Brenda’s help.

So, she’s probably going to post pictures on Instagram @twentyonefeathers and then some on her Facebook page “Stepintothesunlight”.

So until next time…

“Get out, Be safe, and Go adventure”

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