Village visit. Historic White Pine Village

I know the blog seems to be stuck back in time.  So, we’re gonna move ahead at least a century.

We paid a visit to the historic White Pine Village in Ludington, Michigan.  The Mission Statement for the historical society listed on their web site is below, and is a link to their home page.

The Mason County Historical Society is a private, non-profit educational organization, formally organized on November 30, 1937. 

Since 1937 this group has been busy preserving the history and heritage of this area of Michigan, specifically Mason County.  This includes a community of 29 buildings that are situated on 23 acres of beautiful lands and gardens.  Sounds like a real estate ad or a travel brochure?  I’m sorry it’s just the truth and the only way I can describe the place.  So here are a lot of Pictures from some of the buildings.

The Burns farmhouse was typical of the times.
The interior of the house looks like most any other, Well except for the pump organ to the right and no electricity.
This plaque points out some things to consider while looking in on this schoolhouse.
Yep, kids to day have it made. writing desks made of wood, slates to write on, and oh yeah no air conditioning.
And this was the only source of heat.  What wear a DUNCE cap if you were to lazy to do your work???

Let’s go see the general store…

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This is a loom that was considered portable in that time period.  There’s one similar to this at the Gladie Visitors Center  at Red river Gorge Ky.
And this is a closeup of the work in progress.  In an earlier time thread made from combed and spun wool would be used to make cloth.  As you can see here old worn out clothes could be re-purposed into other useful items.


I tried to capture the entire inside of the county courthouse in this panorama.  As you can tell it’s rather small, the judge would sit at the table in front of the jurors.  If a jail sentence was pronounced the guilty party would be led through the door next to the woodstove. The county jail was a room dug underground with a ladder that would be lifted out was the incarceration began.

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The slide show above is a typical trappers cabin.  Brenda and I both agreed that we could be very comfortable there.

Of course we had to visit the fire station.
This is where it would begin, central office switchboard would answer the call, then “ring down” the fire department.

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There were several more buildings with all sort of things from that time displayed.  We managed to make it through all of them before we had to move on.

SO, I’m going to close for now as it’s time to head out for the next stop. I’ll let you in on a secret, the next blog post will still be from Michigan.

So until next time…

“Get out, Be safe, and Go adventure”

One thought on “Village visit. Historic White Pine Village”

  1. On the one hand life was simpler back then, but at the same time it had to be a harder life. Of course, no one knew that, so life just moved on. As some of us have learned, there is a lot going for a simplified life. Thanks for the great photos and trip back in time, Dan. I’m attending the annual “Old Fashion Festival” in Newberg, OR this weekend. Part of the festival, coordinated by my friend, includes a display of at least 40 pieces of antique fire engines and apparatus. Another opportunity to travel back in time.


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