GOLD ! ! !

We just got back from another small adventure. And while putting together the pictures from two different cameras I saw these and remembered I didn’t show you our gold expedition.  While it was not a lot to get excitited about it, was relaxing, and fun.  Plus we did find some very fine gold flakes!

Libby and Layla enjoyed the time playing in the creek.

DSCN3774This certainly was a beautiful setting to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Now down to business.  We set up our mini-sluice and got started digging holes.DSCN3765Ok, so digging the holes to try and reach the bedrock where the black sand and gold would be settled was not so relaxing.  Brenda and I took turns digging and processing the raw materials.DSCN3768So the mini-sluice is set and working…  This was the second most cool part.  The first part of course is working down the “concentrates”.  You see that’s what you end up with after it goes through the sluice.

We both wanted to play in the sluice since it was helping to concentrate the “good stuff.”

The outcome???   We found several small flakes of very fine gold and the confidence that we could do this.  We will soon be “penny-aires” at this rate!!!

This was about getting out enjoying each others company in nature and doing things that others have never tried.  How much gold have you found lately, hmm?   We also met some folks that were real helpful with hints and tips.  Which goes to show that there are many communities full of folks that want to share their knowledge and experiences.

This was just a short post, during the same short time we collected geodes in another stream and camped with an old friend in the Cherokee Nat’l Forest.

Now that i’ve posted this back to work on what I was really doing…

Until next time…

“Get out, Be safe, and Go adventure”


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