Fort Jackson, GA

Today we found ourselves following a path less traveled that led to a fort many have never heard of, named Fort Jackson.dsc_2845 This fort was built in 1808 as a position to defend Savannah from attack by sea.   This early spot in history makes it the oldest brick fortification in Georgia.  In 1812, the rest of the “world” was at war.  Two of our biggest trade partners at that time were England and France.

We bought and sold many goods that were shipped out of the port at Savannah.  So, the need to protect the bay entrance became more important.

The next battle action this fort saw was during the Civil War in 1862 when it was shelled by an  escaped slave named Robert Smalls.

Shortly after the evacuation of Savannah, and the surrender that followed,  William T. Sherman captured Savannah by land.  On December 20, 1864 the fort fell to Union hands.  The fort, like Savannah, was also evacuated and the subsequent surrender avoided major bloodshed at the fort.

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Due to Sherman refusing to use black troops in the war, the 55th Massachusetts Regiment remained garrisoned there.   Because of its history there have been many flags over this fort.  giphy-1From 1884-1905 it was known as Fort Oglethorpe and saw little use by the military.  In 1924 the city of Savannah purchased the fort for use as a park, but it was not restored until some 46 years later.  Today, the Coastal Heritage Society maintains the fort and provides tours.  Visit their website here… Coastal Heritage Society.

During the tour of the fort you can expect twice a day firing of a cannon at 11:00am and 2:00pm, along with a presentation given to us by Daniel McCall about the history of the fort.  His knowledge and ease of presentation made the visit come alive.

Thanks for travelling along with Brenda and I as we wandered north through Georgia.

As always…

Get Out, Be Safe, and Go Adventure.

6 thoughts on “Fort Jackson, GA”

    1. Cool man! Uhhmmmm, send it to…
      120-C Marketplace Cir
      Ste #180
      Georgetown, KY
      We’ll be back there for about a month and will pick up mail then. We live on the road full time in our van. Sometimes take a few days to catch up with mail, out the mail to catch us. When I get you CD I’ll post some 15sec spots from each track to promo your CD. So, please include how people can order your cd’s.
      Thanks for the reply, always good to see traffic on the site.


    2. Thanks Ben, Still wearing the Tee shirt! Sorry it took so long to reply, had some minor issues with the blog (it hid remarks). If you’ve still gotta one I’d love to have it you guys are great. I don’t imagine you remember, we live in a van and travel full-time so we are hold up here for the winter months.
      Dan Cordray PO Box 1888 lot C18, Quartzsite , AZ 85346.


  1. Nice, Dan & Brenda,

    I’ve been to Savannah a number of times but wasn’t aware of the fort. I’ll put it on my list of places to visit the next time I’m going to be in the Savannah area. I wasn’t all that interested in history as a kid, but as a seenager history captures my interest more and more all the time.

    Live free and be happy,


    1. This was a great visit with a presentation of over 200 years of history. Very interesting dirt to your with some equally interesting vibes. Do take the time to tap on the for water barrels in one of the casements. Veerrryyy interesting echo replies, the number of echos don’t always match up with the number of taps. Sometimes less, but sometimes more.


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