Silly Al’s Pizza

Is everything at Silly Al’s silly????

You bet it is!

Even when they’re doing serious stuff like helping the Fire Department raise money for the kids at Christmas.

Tonight was not only Karoke night at Silly Al’s, it was the night of the cakewalk and THE UGLY SWEATER AUCTION!   And trust me I’ve had a few ugly sweaters for Christmas but none of them held a yuletide candle to these.

This sweater won at auction $110 for the kids!

Tonight’s silliness and fun times raised $560 dollars for the Fire Department’s Christmas tree for kids.

Yes they were present to receive this generous gift.

What a great showing from the people there tonight!

I’d like to remind everyone that traditionally Fire Departments around the country step up and reach out to the communities and give back to those who may not have a lot to give the kids for Christmas.   So, I’m certain that any and all donations would be accepted not only here in Quartzsite, but in every community.  This is a chance to donate and know that your donation is truly going to make a difference.  I can say that having spent Christmas seasons as a firefighter this is a special gift for the kids.  AND, the support from the community blesses the firefighters beyond words.

Step up give a little, to make a lot come true.

Get Out, Be Safe, and Go Adventure.

By making someone’s Christmas special.


2 thoughts on “Silly Al’s Pizza”

    1. Thanks.
      It was great fun. Silly Al’s is the kinda place that’s either jumping and fun or just another pizza parlor.
      Sorry it took so long to reply, got caught up in the rush. Have great day,how you see ya out here somewhere.


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