Flowers: Biltmore Estate, Asheville, North Carolina


Howdy, friends!

In my recent post about the Chihuly at Biltmore Exhibit, I mentioned that I would be creating separate blog posts about the flowers in the surrounding gardens and arboretum, as well as the inside of the mansion. As I pare down to favorites, I find that the flower post alone will be a two part series. I may very well create destination flower posts from the hundreds of flower pictures I have taken as we travel along. I’m just such a fan of the flowers!

This famous century old home is nestled amongst acres of exquisitely manicured grounds, designed by landscape architect extraordinaire Frederick Law Olmstead. It is a flower lover’s Garden of Eden. There are more than 250 varieties of roses alone! Strolling through these gardens is a feast for the eyes and for the senses.

We happened along on our self guided tour on the leading edge of a downpour and didn’t get a chance to see everything. I will not complain a bit, though, not one bit. Flowers, hearts-in-nature, butterflies, bugs…if you follow our travels, you know that I love them all. Here’s a bouquet of flowers from the Gardens at Biltmore Estate. I will toss you another one soonly. Enjoy! ♥️



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