Building the new “Vome”

I’m building out a new Van Home, “Vome”, and will be sharing the experience here.  So if you’re interested in learning from someone else’s experience you’ve come to the right place.

But first let’s look at the “up”grade…

The ’87 Chevy that served us well and the 2002 Ford E350 both get about the same gas mileage.  So the change didn’t really hurt on the side of operating expenses.  But man, the ability for my 6’3” frame to stand anywhere inside is worth not gaining any MPG.

The old '87 Chevy G30 that has served us well and the "new" 2002 Ford E350 we're moving into.
The old ’87 Chevy G30 that has served us well and the “new” 2002 Ford E350 we’re moving into.

This is going to be a tremendous move, not just in size but also in design.  The old van was more about function than form, it was built out in a hurry as an escape pod .   In it I wanted to explore some ideas to see what was a hit and what was a fail.  So as I move forward with this build I will try to comment on what is “just to look nice” and what is “’cause this is the way it works.”Before my conversion...Ok, so here’s a peek at the original as I received it.  Nice for a weekend trip or two but not what I’ve got in mind.IMAG1389The first thing that had to change was get rid of the two twin beds.  I want a bigger bed that I don’t have to fight Layla for real estate.  AND, that step tread stuff on the floor had to go! It’s rough on bare feet.  So I ripped it out and put in new flooring that would be long lasting and easier to keep clean.  Oh, and easier on the tootsies.  This is Pergo laminate with laun 5mm panel as an underlayment.  The added benefit of this particular flooring, it had a foam back that adds insulating value to the floor.

I’m going to close for now there’s been a lot going on in my life in the last few weeks.  I will try to update this with each major step along the way and some construction tips.  I have already proceeded ahead and have the pictures for some construction tips.  I’m once again playing “catch up” with posting things in as close to real time as possible.

So until next post…

Get out, Be safe, and Go adventure!




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