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Scotch Eggs

So I saw this recipe on the James Townsend and Sons website where they make it look so easy and decided I gotta try it.  So here we go!  Let’s mince up some ham, country ham and fresh eggs would be better since they don’t require refrigeration.


While four eggs are on to hard boil I started on mincing the ham.  In this case I’m running some packaged city ham through the grinder to create ham mince.  This could be done by hand with knife and mashing tool.  But, today I have solar panels to work on and utilized some tools for shortcuts.   😉

Doesn’t that look nice?  That’s about two cups of minced ham.
I added one egg.  Next time I use city ham with “water added” I’ll be adding two eggs.  The egg is just a binder for holding the ham together.
Now wrap the ham mince around the hard-boiled eggs for a coating of about 1/2 inch or so.
This is the setup, today I’ll be using the rocket stove with the same trivet I use in my Dutch oven.  The trivet raises the pan to help reduce the hot spot in the middle.
Lessons learned here?  Make sure the oil or other cooking medium is up to temp before putting in because you’re gonna be rolling these and setting the ham coating fairly quickly.  Also, take the extra time to be sure your cooking surface is actually level.
There ya go…  Nice brown Scotch Eggs.  I added no salt, pepper or other seasoning.  The ingredients are simply minced ham and eggs.
And here’s what they look like on the plate.
Sorry, close to the last bite.  I hope you enjoyed.

So until we cook and dine again…

A Weekend At Tumbling Creek

In a post earlier I showed the way into Tumbling Creek, I hope you enjoyed the ride. Now that we’re here I’ll catch you up on a peaceful damp weekend. Dyck had a nice camp setup to survive the storms that came through this area almost every day.

Gee Cuz, shur is a swankie place ya got here.
Gee Cuz, shur is a swankie place ya got here.

We had just the three of us here, JR, Cuz Dyck, and myself with Julie on her way on Sunday.
Oh and of course the girls Lacy and Layla.


JR (Jimmy Ridley) and I took a couple mile long hikes with these two in between the watering sessions.  Which by the way the rain falling on the roof of the van was a wonderful symphony at night.  A welcome sound when we turned in…

The new vome beginning to feel like home.
The new vome beginning to feel like home.

Sunday morning Master Chef Ridley prepared some hashbrowns, cheesy eggs, and bacon for breakfast.

Master Chef Ridley working the magic
Master Chef Ridley working the magic

Assisted by none other than Sous Chef Dyck Tracey.

Sous Chef Tracey
Sous Chef Tracey

A great weekend in the forest, and very relaxing.  More relaxing for some of us than others…

Layla decided it was a good place for a nap.
Layla decided it was a good place for a nap.
Sorry I disturbed you Layla
Sorry I disturbed you Layla

Gee your highness I didn’t mean to wake you.

It’s a shame but I’ll have to end this relaxing time tomorrow by having to pull out.

So, once again..

Get out, Be safe, Go adventure.

Cooking and driving,

As with all trips…  Where do we eat, What do we eat, When do we eat, and in some cases can we AFFORD to eat are questions that always come up.

I decided to post the answer to these questions today because of hearing some of these questions at the RTR in Quartzite.

The easy answer…  Cook your own food as you drive.

My donation to the chili supper was 2lbs of chili meat that was cooked across New Mexico and Arizona.   I did this so that it was ready to go in the pot as soon as I arrived.  Thanks to Peter and others the dinner was a huge hit for more than 75 people attending. DSCN2708

This kicked off the RTR for me personally and the next day when Randy gave such an entertaining and thoughtful invocation quoting Whitman, Thoreau, and of course himself to open one of the morning sessions.


But what about the cooking?     One of the gadgets I use is the Roadpro 12volt slow cooker.Crock pot roast

This is a SantaFe seasoned roast I picked up at Walmart for about $8.  Well it’s half of one, we had already started eating before I grabbed a picture.  This gave me three meals worth of meat. And it was done when I stopped for the night.spaghetti pot

And another easy meal, cook the spaghetti for about 30-45 minutes and then throw in the Sandwich Makers meatballs and sauce.  Since neither of these require refrigeration this is one of the staple foods that stay in my van.IMAG0904

How about some burritos?IMAG0902 Some tortilla wraps, Sandwhich Makers pulled pork, garlic and herb seasoned butter and some shredded cheese make tasty wraps.  Put these in the lunch-box oven and rotate them turn a side down to be browned.  Here’s a link to the oven… Roadpro Lunch Box Oven


Well now you know some of my tricks for meal prep while traveling so as always…

Get out, Be Safe and go adventure.

Until next time, which will be my visit to Montezuma’s Castle, be safe.